A deeper application of LEMON Leadership across your organization to address specific leadership development opportunities ranging from selling strategies to operational efficiency to personal conflict resolution.

Building upon the results of LEMON Leadership Basics, our experienced team will work with you to tailor consultations to the specific needs of your organization. Some potential topics include:

  • LEMON Communications
  • Leading through failure
  • Growth paths and Human Resource planning, recruiting and retention
  • Selling and communication strategies
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Driving innovation throughout the organization
  • Team building and team dynamics
  • Personal conflict resolution

Our LEMON Leadership Workshop series is conducted with members of your leadership team over seven half-day sessions scheduled at your convenience in your offices. An experienced and dedicated team will lead you through LEMON Leadership Basics and six elective sessions tailored according to your specific organizational needs and goals. Each session will build on your organization’s assessment results and will include interactive teaching time, facilitated discussions and in-depth implementation planning.