Those who take the group assessment still receive their own individual report. In addition, the group assessment augments the Individual Assessment in the following ways:

  • The group assessment highlights gaps in the leadership team
  • It provides the basis for determining whether people are in the right roles
  • The results can be analyzed for sub-groups, such as departments or locations, giving clues as to strengths and challenges
  • Potential conflicts between individuals and groups can be averted or remedied
  • Opportunities for improvement can be explored when results are presented by an accredited consultant.

The group results are best reviewed in a workshop or seminar setting where tailored exercises can help drive understanding and built leadership capabilities. Teams are strengthened, hiring practices improved, and rewards and recognition made more meaningful.

This 50 question Assessment is available on-line with immediate graphical results and analysis corresponding to your primary and secondary leadership types. Unlike most other Leadership Assessments, the LEMON leadership Assessment, when taken as a group can immediately identify potential gaps within the team, highlight potential points of contention or misunderstanding, and suggest possible organizational efficiency improvements.

When you order the group assessment, a keycode is generated, and your coordinator/sponsor can send it to the whole team, via email. The team then uses the same code. In addition to getting their individual reports, we will generate a PDF report for the whole group, analyzing your information. This will be emailed to the coordinator.

In addition to each individual being provided with a complete individual assessment report, a number of additional group specific graphs are generated which display the group information an an easily digestible format.

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Should you wish to book a 45-minute consultation with the Accredited LEMON Leadership Consultant who has analyzed your results, you can do so here.